Examples of Biotechnology applications

May 7, 2015
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Jennifer Flak
Department of Agronomy and Horticulture at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, American

Julie Albrecht

Lesson Navigation Tips:

  • Go through the ’Lesson Media Obects’ option found left to be able to see any animated graphics which health supplement this session. You may go through the animation symbol within the text.
  • Simply click as soon as on figures to see enlarged variations.
  • Mouse click as soon as on terms in shade to carry up their particular meanings.

After finishing Module One: diet Basic Biotechnology, individuals should certainly:

  • Describe one similarity between traditional cross-breeding and hereditary engineering of plants.
  • Give two limitations which can be encountered with conventional cross-breeding of plants.
  • Explain why hereditary manufacturing is certainly not restricted in the same manner as old-fashioned cross-breeding.
  • Establish biotechnology in wide terms.
  • Record three plant applications of biotechnology.
  • Record the three areas of health pages which have been improved with biotechnology.

Improvement this training was supported in part by USDA Initiative for Future Agriculture and Food techniques (IFAFS)
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Source: passel.unl.edu
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