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October 24, 2014
Iran unveils new biotech

Listed here resources help scientists gain ideas into just how condition develops.

Cell cultures: By developing both diseased and healthy cells in cellular countries, scientists can learn differences in mobile procedures and protein phrase.

Cross-species scientific studies: Genes and proteins present in humans can also be found in various other types. The functions of numerous peoples genes have already been uncovered by learning synchronous genetics in other organisms.

Bioinformatics: The clinical community produces huge volumes of biological data daily. Bioinformatics helps organize that information to create a clearer image of the game of typical and diseased cells.

Biomarkers: These are substances, often proteins, which can be used for calculating a biological purpose, determining an illness procedure, or deciding responses to a treatment. In addition they can be used for diagnosis, for prognosis, and directing treatment.

Proteomics: Proteomics is the study of necessary protein activity within certain cellular, tissue or organism. Changes in protein activity can shed light on the disease procedure together with influence of drugs under research.

Iran unveils new biotech medicine
Iran unveils new biotech medicine
HiTech_U3L3_Biotech in Medicine
HiTech_U3L3_Biotech in Medicine
Biotech: Regenerative Medicine - Hong Kong Science Park
Biotech: Regenerative Medicine - Hong Kong Science Park
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