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August 29, 2015
Here are some snapshots of the
Motto Solidarity for improvement Biotechnology
Established 2007

Key folks

Nabin N. Munakarmi (President)
Dr. Hari K. Shrestha (Vice President)
Raja Ram Gurung (Secretary)
Somila Kakshyapati (Treasurer)
Prashanna Maharjan (Executive User)
Gaurav C. Gyawali (Executive User)
Santosh Dahal (Executive Member)

(Nepali: जैविक प्रविधि संस्था नेपाल) is an apolitical, non-government, non-profit organization inspired for advertising of Biotechnology in Nepal and beyond. Its several youth volunteers and innovative experts. The establishment of society is an endeavor for growth of Biotechnology by marketing and dissemination of real information about any of it innovative technology. The culture will work as an energetic system for interchange of educational a few ideas in regards to the analysis and theoretical point of view of biotechnology. The motive associated with the company is include all national and cross-national scholastic establishments, analysis establishments, companies and people sharing interest in development of biotechnology in Nepal and past.


  • To present, advertise and propagate the utilization of biotechnology by encouraging fundamental and applied study and disseminating their particular outcomes for lasting development of the populace.
  • To garner, compile and disseminate the knowledge about biotechnology in Nepal.
  • To create books, journals, memoirs and reports considering biotechnology
  • To carry collaboration and collaboration between clinical communities and educational establishments associated with the country with worldwide communities for advertising of connection among research workers within and beyond your country.
  • To procure and handle resources and funds when it comes to promotion of study and growth of biotechnology.
  • To examine on physical and biological sources in Nepal and also to develop suitable technical adroitness because of their removal and utilization.
  • To build up a system for integration of all students, research workers, researchers, academicians, business owners, plan makers, university biology training traits yet others contemplating biotechnology for general growth of the united states.


Biotechnology Society of Nepal posts the Nepal Journal of Biotechnology as a yearly book.


Mr. Saroj Ghimire, President (2007 to 2014) Mr. Pawan Dulal

Executive Board people[edit]

Mr. Pawan Bashyal, Executive member (2007) Mr. Prakash Parajuli, Executive member (2007) Mr. Megh Raj Bhatta, Secretary (2014) Ms. Sunita Khjanal, Treasurer (2014) Mr. Bigyan Rimal, Coordinator (2014-2015) Mr. Nabin Narayan Munkarmi, President (2015) Dr. Hari Kumar Shrestha, Vice President (2015) Mr. Raja Ram Gurung, Secretary (2015) Ms. Somila Kakshapati, Treasurer(2015) Mr. Prashanna Maharjan, Executive member (2015) Mr. Gaurav Chandra Gyawali, Executive member (2015) Mr. Santosh Dahal, Executive member (2015)

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