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October 31, 2015
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GATC Biotech AG
Limited Business
Business Biotechnology
Founded 1990
Headquarters Konstanz, Germany

Key people

  • Fritz Pohl, administrator president
  • Peter Pohl, CEO
  • Thomas Pohl, CTO
  • Marcus Benz, COO

GATC Biotech is a German company expert in DNA and RNA sequencing for academic and professional lovers global. The business provides sequencing and bioinformatics solutions from single examples as much as major jobs. 'The Genome and Diagnostic Centre' focusing on Following and Third Generation sequencing relies in headquarters in Constance, Germany. The totally automatic NGS laboratories tend to be certified under ISO 17025. The Sanger sequencing business is based in 'The European Personalized Sequencing Centre' in Cologne, Germany. The distance to Cologne Bonn Cargo GmbH functions as the logistical hub within European countries.


Founded in 1990 the business focused in the early times on commercialising a nonradioactive sequencing technology system, branded by Prof. Pohl among creator of GATC. The direct blotting electrophoresis system, the GATC 1500 had been used inside European genome task. In 1996 began the change from a musical instrument maker to a site supplier in the field of DNA and RNA sequencing. Included in the Gene Alliance, started in 1998, the organization had been involved in the large-scale genome analysis task Aspergillus Niger funded by DSM (holland) and finished in 2001. 2006 started the organization to produce the new generation sequencing business division incorporating the Europe's very first commercial PacBio RS system in 2011.

Structure regarding the business[edit]

GATC Biotech is a restricted business has several subsidiaries in European countries.

  • GATC Biotech AB, Stockholm, Sweden (100per cent)
  • GATC Biotech Ltd., Cambridge, Uk (100%)
  • GATC Biotech SARL, Marseille, France (100%)


The product range of products addresses the Sanger sequencing programs also next generation sequencing, such de novo sequencing, peoples exome sequencing for clinical options and RNA-Seq.

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