Biotechnology Careers Options

October 3, 2016
Career pathway options

Biotechnology is an extensive ranging term broadly talking about the employment of cellular and biomolecular procedures to produce services and products or processes that aid people while the environment. Biotechnology can be used to identify hereditary conditions and create brand new pharmaceutical medicines, better kinds of crops or pets and environmentally friendly biofuels.

Profession Geneticist Genetic Therapist Plant Breeder
Education Needs Doctorate Master's
Licensure Needs May need condition medical license Certification and licensure needed in some says Licensure demands differ by state
Projected Job Development (2012-2022)* -1% (for biological boffins, other) 41percent 8percent (for several soil plant experts)
Median Salary (2014)* $74, 720 (for biological boffins, all other) $67, 500 $64, 680 (for several soil and plant researchers)

Origin: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Options

Careers in biotechnology include geneticists and plant breeders. Read on to learn about these professions.

Geneticists and Hereditary Counselors

One job option in biotechnology is now a geneticist. Genetics may be the research of components of heredity and variation in living organisms. Geneticists learn the development, interaction and replication of plant, pet and real human genes. There are lots of job options for geneticists including:

  • Analysis geneticist
  • Medical geneticist
  • Genetics counselor

Research geneticists conduct laboratory study in places like biomedical genetics, developmental genetics, biochemical and molecular genetics, forensics, plant and pet genetics and populace genetics. Healthcare geneticists assist diagnose and treat real human genetic problems particularly Down syndrome in hospitals and exclusive centers. Genetics counselors study familial wellness files, observe continual inheritance habits and determine people in danger for establishing genetic problems.

Requirements become a Geneticist

Many geneticists make a graduate degree. Medical geneticists attend four years of health college and finish a 2-year residency to earn a health care provider of Medicine (M.D.) level. They go to complete another 2-year residency in clinical genetics in order to be a medical geneticist.

Needs is an inherited Counselor

Genetic counselors usually make a master's degree in genetics guidance. Prior research and laboratory work, counseling knowledge and volunteer assist actually challenged individuals are useful for graduate college applications. Aspiring hereditary counselors can boost their expert standing by becoming Certified Genetic Counselors after taking the yearly American Board of Genetic guidance exam (

Salary and Job Information

In line with the U.S. Bureau of work Statistics (BLS), employees in category of biological scientists that features geneticists had a median wage of $74, 720 in 2014; that exact same 12 months, genetic counselors made a median wage of $67, 500 ( Geneticists tend to be projected to have extremely slow job growth from 2012 to 2022; genetic counselors are required to improve at a much-faster-than-average rate of 41% during that exact same decade, in line with the BLS.

Plant Breeders

Another career option in biotechnology is the industry of plant reproduction. Plant breeders selectively breed plants to make new types that give much better yields, tend to be more naturally healthy and better withstand diseases and pests. They use biotechnology to govern the genetic material of plants. Their work is closely regarding that of molecular plant geneticists just who identify gene functions to find the genetics in charge of improving the desirable properties of plants.

Needs for Plant Breeders

An undergraduate degree in biology, biochemistry, agronomy, plant technology, horticulture or forestry is great planning for a graduate system in-plant breeding. Plant breeders using biotechnology often have a doctoral degree in plant breeding. Doctoral applicants take classes like:

  • Translational genomics
  • Genome evaluation
  • Relative genomics
  • Soil biology and ecology

Earth and plant scientists, including plant breeders, are projected to see an about-average work development of 8percent from 2012-2022, in accordance with the BLS. The BLS also reported that employees inside industry received a median income of $59, 920 in 2014.

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