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September 3, 2016
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James C. Rosapepe, Senate seat (opted for by Senate President & House Speaker) (410) 841-3141, (301) 858-3141
C. William Frick, House seat (chosen by Senate President & home Speaker) (410) 841-3454, (301) 858-3454

Staff: Tamela D. Burt; Robert K. Smith.

c/o Department of Legislative Services
Legislative Solutions Building, 90 State Circle, Annapolis, MD 21401
(410) 946-5530, (301) 970-5530

Yearly Report to Governor, Legislative Policy Committee, Senate Finance Committee, & House Economic issues Committee because of Dec. 1.

The Joint Committee on Cybersecurity, it, and Biotechnology originated as Joint Technology Oversight Committee which started in July 2000 and had been reauthorized in October 2003 (section 11, Acts of 2000; Chapter 83, Acts of 2003). The Committee's cost was to review implementation of the Maryland Uniform Computer Ideas purchases Act (Chapter 11, Acts of 2000; Code Commercial Law Article, secs. 21-101 through 21-816). To the Governor and General Assembly, the Committee could recommend changes in State legislation according to its results. Extra technology-related dilemmas could possibly be considered by the Committee.

In October 2009, the Joint tech Oversight Committee restructured as Joint it and Biotechnology Committee (Chapter 140, Acts of 2009), as well as in June 2014 had been reauthorized due to the fact Joint Committee on Cybersecurity, Information Technology, and Biotechnology (part 464, Acts of 2014).

To advance cybersecurity in Maryland, the Committee evaluates State cybersecurity methods and adequacy of economic development, and job abilities training programs. It really works to boost understanding, awareness, and help of improvements in cybersecurity, information technology, and biotechnology, and also advises actions to market those companies in State. At the behest of its co-chairs, the Committee may analyze any problems regarding cybersecurity, information technology, and biotechnology.

The Committee is made of twelve users: six senators appointed by the Senate President, and six delegates called by the home Speaker (Code state Article, sec. 2-10A-13).

The Biotechnology Age
The Biotechnology Age
Biotechnology vs. Digital Technology
Biotechnology vs. Digital Technology
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