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May 19, 2017

DNA polymerases tend to be main tools for molecular biology including PCR, whole genome amplification, DNA sequencing and genotyping. Studies have focused on discovery of unique DNA polymerases, characterization of DNA polymerase biochemistry and development of brand new replication assays. These studies have accelerated DNA polymerase engineering for biotechnology. For instance, DNA polymerases have now been designed for increased speed and fidelity in PCR while reducing amplification series prejudice. Inhibitor resistant DNA polymerase variants enable PCR straight from tissue (i.e. bloodstream). Design of DNA polymerases that effortlessly include modified nucleotide were crucial for growth of after that generation DNA sequencing, artificial biology as well as other labeling and recognition technologies. The Frontiers in Microbiology analysis Topic on DNA polymerases in Biotechnology aims to capture current analysis on DNA polymerases and their particular used in promising technologies.

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