What is Biological technology?

February 18, 2017
What is Biotechnology?

The term biotechnology is a cross involving the Greek terms 'bios' (everything regarding life) and 'technikos' (involving peoples knowledge and skills). The OECD (the organization of financial Co-operation and developing) describes biotechnology as "the effective use of medical and engineering concepts to your processing of materials by biological representatives". Much more simply, it really is using residing organisms to help make of good use services and products.

Production may be done by utilizing undamaged organisms, including yeasts and germs, or simply by using natural substances (example. enzymes) from organisms. Biotechnology employs biological methods and processes to make helpful products and provide services.


Healthcare or purple biotechnology refers to a medicinal or diagnostic product or a vaccine that comprises of, or has been stated in, residing organisms that will be made via recombinant technology (recombinant DNA is a form of DNA that will not occur normally. It really is created by incorporating DNA sequences that could not ordinarily happen collectively). Read more...

Agricultural or green biotechnology encompasses a range of modern plant breeding strategies. For centuries, farmers have attempted to enhance their plants by way of crossing, depending on the arbitrary rearrangement of current genetics between two closely related moms and dad flowers. Contemporary farming biotechnology improves plants much more specific ways. Top recognized technique is hereditary adjustment, but the term farming biotechnology (or green biotechnology) additionally covers these types of practices as Marker Assisted Breeding, which escalates the effectiveness of traditional reproduction. No matter what specific technology utilized, the crops might be destined to be used for food, biomaterials or power manufacturing. Read more...

Industrial or white biotechnology makes use of enzymes and micro-organisms to help make biobased items in areas such as for instance chemical substances, meals and feed, detergents, paper and pulp, textiles and bioenergy (including biofuels or biogas). In this, it uses green raw materials and it is probably one of the most promising, innovative techniques towards reducing greenhouse fuel emissions. Read more...

Source: www.europabio.org
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