What is Biotech Engineering?

July 12, 2015
What Is Biotechnology?

The Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering offers a distinctive curriculum that funds a mixed BSc degree – a biotechnology manufacturing level and food manufacturing degree.

The biotechnology business is a knowledge-intensive business, characterized by innovativeness, elegance and continuously searching for brand new difficulties, now is one of the leaders with regards to its amount and rate of development. The application of technology is made inside area in biological systems for humans inside areas of meals, medicine, agriculture and power. Milestones in modern biotechnology include the professional production of penicillin, deciphering the DNA structure, decoding the hereditary signal, initial cloning of a mammal (Dolly the sheep) and recently the production of the very first artificial germs.

The food business is relocating the biotech direction and undergoing an energy of fast development as a result of enhanced involvement of intercontinental domestic industry giants. The foodstuff business is combining advanced biotechnological and biochemical components along with levels of advanced technology, starting from recycleables into last rack product: the introduction of unique food for babies experiencing Celiac disease, food containing health ingredients that lengthen shelf-life, packing that reports on meals quality through biosensors, and much more.

The Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering teaches its students to go into the knowledge-intensive biotechnology industry, that will be constantly growing in Israel and abroad, and food business, which will be becoming more biotechnologically focused and undergoing a development momentum because increased involvement by huge intercontinental companies inside regional business.

Biotechnology and food engineering at the Technion – your way of affecting tomorrow.

Source: biotech.technion.ac.il
Future Technology - digital, biotech, nanotech, engineering.
Future Technology - digital, biotech, nanotech, engineering.
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