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February 12, 2017
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Founder @johncumbers kicking off #SBBSF15

— SynBioBeta (@SynBioBeta)

Two months ago, PLOS Synbio covered and sponsored the iGEM 2015 monster Jamboree, in which John Cumbers was among keynote speakers. Cumbers’s business, SynBioBeta, hosted a unique eponymous occasion, SynBioBeta SF 2015, during the early November at the UC bay area campus in Mission Bay, joining together an eclectic audience of entrepreneurs, biologists, students, also synthetic biology enthusiasts near the heart of northern California’s burgeoning biotech start-up population. Spanning 11 presentation sessions and several panels over two days, there was no shortage of subjects within artificial biology to go over between your over 500 attendees, but several bigger themes became apparent.

“Yogurt, battery packs, and disease fighting capability replacement” will be the three domain names of blue-sky Bio finalists. @edyson #SBBSF15

The Blue-sky Bio Competitors

To know exactly how diverse the area is actually for synthetic biology, we want look no further than the 3 finalists for SynBioBeta’s inaugural Blue Sky Bio Competition. Apart from the impressive prize packages each group competed for, the aims associated with the businesses had been very divergent.

Every one of these targets is very ambitious, having two with health reasons and another aspiring to revolutionize the power business. After a round of voting by the audience, Koliber edged out Gigagen for first place. The margin of victory for Koliber might have to do with exactly how near the problem of depression will be the viewers. Despair may impact nearly 10per cent associated with the basic population, many estimation depression affects nearly one-third of entrepreneurs. The appeal of a probiotic is easy to understand.

Biotech Investment, Incubation, and Innovation

Numerous attendees of SynBioBeta SF 2015 want to be or are already participants inside biotech business, therefore a lot of the conference ended up being aimed at a techniques for creating a thriving artificial biology company. A recurring belief among speakers was that biotech is in an identical position to your computer software industry just as pcs had been getting mainstream, and more than a few comparisons had been built to software development. Also Silicon Valley investors, such Sam Altman, President associated with famous pc software start-up incubator Y Combinator, spoke during the occasion about why folks like him want inside business.

“We don’t try to teach domain expertise, but alternatively how exactly to be a fantastic organization” – @sama @ycombinator #SBBSF15 — SynBioBeta (@SynBioBeta)

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