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October 25, 2017
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European Biotechnology Magazine is an original way to obtain details about biotechnology in European countries's technology and business sectors. Collaborating with more than 20 nationwide and international organisations, we of extremely skilled journalists compiles all appropriate advancements into extremely readable development reports. European Biotechnology mag addresses the 28 EU member says plus Norway and Switzerland. Focusing on the main biotech clusters and distinguished European analysis organizations, plus the members of nationwide scientific and corporate associations while the biotechnology and lifestyle Sciences business sector, the highly guaranteeing development environment of the log comprises appropriate news from science and business, back ground reports on new EU legislation, current debates and funding projects from Brussels, also market analyses and previews on upcoming technology styles.


Yearly subscription charge: €80, - (4 print dilemmas annually, plus weekly on line publication)

Pupils: € 40, - (susceptible to proof enrolment)

Costs feature VAT, postage & packaging.


Ordered subscriptions is terminated within two weeks straight at BIOCOM AG. The subscription is at first valid for one year. Subscriptions will likely to be restored instantly for example more year, respectively, unless they truly are terminated at the very least six weeks before the date of expiry.


European Biotechnology mag is posted four times per year and is just regularly offered through registration at BIOCOM AG. Problems of delivery which BIOCOM AG is certainly not in charge of do not entitle the customer to delivery or reimbursement of pre-paid charges.

The Impact Factor
The Impact Factor
The Meaning of the Impact Factor in Journal Citation
The Meaning of the Impact Factor in Journal Citation ...
Wyszukiwanie Impact Factor w bazie Journal Citation Reports
Wyszukiwanie Impact Factor w bazie Journal Citation Reports
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