Branches of Biotechnology

March 5, 2017
4 Branches of Biotechnology 1

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q.1. Something Biotechnology?

Ans. Biotechnology may be the branch of science which derives advantages from the properties and capabilities of flowers, creatures and microbial mobile cultures at technological degree.

Q.2. Which are the different limbs of biotechnology?

Ans. Different branches of biotechnology tend to be:
Plant Biotechnology, Animal Biotechnology, Ecological Biotechnology, Microbial Biotechnology.

Q.3. The department of biotechnology at Dr YS Parmar university is restricted that part of Biotechnology?

Ans. Plant Biotechnology.

Q.4. Which type of work is completed in the division of Biotechnology?

Ans. i) Plant Tissue Society.
ii) Plant Molecular Biology (Genetic transformation, Molecular Markers, Gene Tagging).

Q. 5. Which plants are used mainly for analysis into the division?


I) Horticulture Crops.

i) Fruit Crops.
ii) Ornamental Crops.
iii) Vegetable Crops.
iv) Medicinal & Aromatic Flowers.

II) Forestry Types.

Q.6. Are the laboratories well-equipped to carry out these types of research?

Ans. Yes.

Q.7. Exactly what are the classes in biotechnology made available from the institution so when perform some admissions occur?

Ans. M.Sc And Ph.D Biotechnology. Admissions process for M.Sc programme begins when you look at the thirty days of July and Ph.D it starts in the thirty days of January

Q.8. What is the admission requirements of these programmes?

Ans. Admission to M.Sc and Ph.D is solely on merit obtained in the last level.

Q.9. What's the length of M.Sc and Ph.D programme?

Ans. Duration is a couple of years for M.Sc and 3-5years for Ph.D.

Q.10. Are other trainings carried out in the division for outside pupils?

MVJ College of Engineering - Biotechnology
MVJ College of Engineering - Biotechnology
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Tour the branch-library Jülich of the FH Aachen.mp4
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