Careers with a Biotechnology degree

July 27, 2017
Careers in Biotechnology

Criminal activity Lab Technicians stay within intersection of criminal justice and technology. They normally use their particular knowledge of science to assist police force in creating decisions about situations. This area developing in importance and it is the thing that makes the real difference in many contemporary unlawful instances.

People who have a knowledge of biotechnology and biology can give necessary assist with police. Many instances require the ability to determine just who a strand of hair or area of blood participate in. Staff members with a background in biology and biotechnology are very well willing to provide this chemical and real analysis.

The BLS equivalent for this career is a Forensic Science Technician.

Career Outlook:

In accordance the BLS the career outlook for criminal activity lab specialists is above average. This is also true for crime lab professionals with the ability to analyze DNA. This sort of evaluation will be required more frequently in courtroom cases while the demand for this skill keeps growing. This really is great for aspiring crime lab technicians with a background in biotechnology.

Salary Information

Median Salary, BLS:

$52, 840 USD

Avg. Salary, Just Hired:

$38, 000 USD

Salary Suggestions from SimplyHired:

Average Criminal Activity Research Specialist Salaries

crime evaluation technician

$37, 000
Getting The Job

Knowledge Ideas:

Pupils thinking about this career can concentrate predominately on biotechnology and look for additional learning forensic technology or significant in forensic research and look for additional training in biotechnology particularly a graduate certificate. Anyway training in both forensic research and biotechnology is recommended for maximum job potential.

Extra Information
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Careers in Biotechnology
Careers in Biotechnology
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