Why study Biotechnology?

May 12, 2016
Biotechnology and Enterprise

the reason why research Biotechnology?
How can you commercially create insulin to deal with diabetics? How do you develop and produce a drug that destroy malignant cells without harming healthier ones? How will you create a drug that prevent the creation of arteries that nourish malignant tumors? How do you produce and promote biological replacements for chemical pesticides? There's one particular answer to all of these concerns – Biotechnology.

This scientific discipline centers around making use of the understanding obtained through the comprehensive study of biological systems for the true purpose of making solutions and products which can be applied for different uses in medication, science, farming, ecosystems, and much more. The most unique element of Biotechnology is it encompasses all realms of life sciences, in addition to related areas of technology, law, business economics, marketing and advertising, and management.

The reason why study Biotechnology at Bar-Ilan?

Join a unique system in a well known field
The world of Biotechnology is a thrilling and stimulating discipline, working with the utilization of biosystems from a complete system toward actual cells and cells of flowers and living body organs, for the intended purpose of establishing medical, aesthetic, and systematic solutions. This area features immense financial potential, is quickly evolving, and very preferred.

The aim of the Biotechnology system at Bar-Ilan University is to train a generation of experts and specialists capable handle the difficulties of twenty-first century. Pupils of the Biotechnology B.Sc research Track get comprehensive familiarity with this leading area of life sciences, and therefore are offered tools that help them to continue and pursue an M.Sc in Biotechnology or just about any other field.

Because of our diversified and all-inclusive curriculum
BIU's Biotechnology B.Sc learn Track includes 72.5 annual educational hours, spanning over 3 years of study. In the first and second many years, many courses provided are basic, as they are exactly the same classes available in the Enhanced lifestyle Sciences learn Track within the professors. Through the 2nd year of study, Biotechnology pupils are offered a number of designated courses, such as "Programming for Biotech Specialists", "Botanical Biotechnology", and much more. Researches throughout the third year concentrate on the different Biotechnology areas, including: split processes and analysis, chapters in biotechnological manufacturing processes, bioinformatics, appropriate and administration aspects in biotechnology and much more.

As a whole, the Program provides its students with an extensive spectral range of modern-day biology, and permits all of them to help make an informed decision regarding their particular academic and/or expert future.

Considering our motivating study environment in addition to most promising professors in Israel
Research in an invigorating analysis environment, using the most sophisticated scholastic practices and technologies, first rate labs and a large number of young, internationally renowned professors people, in a cultivating and familial environment.

Due to the job possibilities and prospective development
Students regarding the BIU Biotechnology Program are utilized in any number of crucial roles both in people and personal areas, and are usually regularly asked to generate imaginative solutions incorporating advanced technologies with applicable researches from the different areas of life sciences, so that you can create applications and items that will help advance mankind.

In order to advance expertly, students of the Biotechnology B.Sc Study Track at Bar-Ilan can choose to keep their particular scientific studies and find an M.Sc in Biotechnology into the couple of years research track or in the intensive study track for Honors pupils (The Psagot system). These advanced level degrees will increase their professional knowledge, open more doorways when you look at the employment market, and provide prestigious, high-paying jobs.

Because of the capacity to right obtain advanced degrees
Upon their graduation from Biotechnology B.Sc learn Track at Bar-Ilan, students may want to continue their particular researches and find a MD degree inside 4-year program within Bar-Ilan Faculty of medication when you look at the Galilee. They could in addition choose to pursue other higher level degrees in Life Sciences.

Source: www1.biu.ac.il
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Why study biotechnology?
Why study biotechnology?
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