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August 22, 2014
Food: Applications of food

The initial step for the choice process consist of a pre-selection based on the papers submitted.

This pre-selection is dependant on these requirements:

The final quality associated with Bachelor’s level or the class point average for the exams finished so far. Subject-specific coursework might paid, in the event that respective modules award a minimum of 6 ECTS credits. The modules need to be from the next fields: physics, mathematics, real chemistry, food chemistry, microbiology, manufacturing, procedure, and automatization technology.

Relevant vocational education, such as for instance laboratory professional (all-natural sciences, medication); technical assistant (normal sciences, medication);

Completed vocational trained in the foodstuff industry, chemical business, pharmaceutical industry, or biotechnological industry;

Relevant work experience, such as for example an industrial internship with the absolute minimum period of three months, or

A stay abroad at an institution inside the EU, Switzerland, United States Of America, or Japan with a minimum timeframe of 3 months.

Based on this pre-selection, the 55 most useful individuals are chosen to stay within the choice process. All the other applicants tend to be excluded from the continuing selection procedure.

Next step

In a moment action, the remaining 55 individuals are asked to be a part of a written aptitude test (or a Skype interview, see below). The aptitude test was created to offer another specific assessment of each and every applicant’s suitability when it comes to system in Food Microbiology and Biotechnology.

The aptitude test for entry toward winter season semester 2015/16 takes place on June 12.
Further details should be announced shortly.

Test procedure

The written test comprises of questions during the Bachelor's degree plumped for from the industries of biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, and biotechnology, which are seen as fundamental for this Master’s system. Each aptitude test comprises three concerns from the four areas called above and persists 60 mins. Those sitting the aptitude test must make provision for valid personal identification to be a part of the test.

If people must travel a distance higher than 400km to wait the test, they might elect to do a 30 small interview using Skype as an alternative. This interview could be the oral exact carbon copy of the written test and thus includes concerns as describe above. Just individuals selected during pre-selection be eligible for a job interview.

All people scoring no less than 33per cent within the test continue to be inside the selection treatment. All others tend to be excluded from continuing choice process.

Third step

In a third action, the selection committee creates a ranking of staying applicants in line with the papers posted and the outcomes of the aptitude test.

Here criteria are taken into account:

Last grade regarding the Bachelor’s degree or perhaps the level point average of this examinations finished so far (Weighting: 50percent) The results associated with aptitude test (Weighting: 30percent) Subject-specific coursework are paid, if the respective modules award no less than 6 ECTS credits. The modules must be from the following fields: biotechnology, biochemistry, natural chemistry, real biochemistry, food biochemistry, molecular biology, mobile biology, microbiology, procedure technology. (Weighting: 15per cent)

Appropriate work experience, such a commercial internship with at least length of time of 3 months;

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