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January 16, 2015
So it is with the emerging

Scientific breakthroughs can transform the world—but only when they could use associated with lab very first. Pupils in UAB’s biotechnology master’s program capitalize on UAB discoveries by translating all of them into new medical remedies and possible start-up businesses. Observe a mix of scientific knowledge and business sense assists them get it done.

biotech graphic Scientific advancements can’t replace the world if they can’t break out associated with laboratory. Therefore pupils in UAB’s Master of Science in Biotechnology program are mastering simple tips to take advantage of those discoveries, translating all of them into new remedies that advantage the public.

Consider it as a mashup of laboratory knowledge and business sense. Shibli Rahman found the combination attractive. Like many students into the program, he wished to work with technology or technology, although not by going into traditional research. After graduating from UAB in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering, he desired a vocation “that looked over science differently, ” he claims.

“You have to use the science element of your head to determine in the event that technology is legitimate, ” Rahman claims. “ you also must think beyond that, into your skill because of the science, if it's going anywhere, incase you can easily license it.”

New techniques

The focus on finding and establishing systematic analysis with feasible commercial applications could be the heart of system for good explanation. Lately, federal grant capital for scientific studies have decreased significantly. Because of this, organizations of higher learning have experienced to find unique approaches to fund experimental study, claims Kathy Nugent, Ph.D., 1st manager for the biotechnology program — based in the UAB School of Health Professions Department of Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences — and director of UAB’s Bill L. Harbert Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Bringing studies to advertise is the one means to fix the capital problem — and possesses created brand-new job options on the academic and commercial sides. But finding and fostering these projects can be difficult.

By instruction students to look at a development, evaluate it, and improve it for commercial development, the program “shows all of them tips check dilemmas and produce solutions making use of technology, ” states interim biotechnology program director Tino Unlap, Ph.D. “Then we train them to take that technology through the bench on marketplace.”

Extra credit

To show this particular revolutionary reasoning, the biotechnology system is divided into three parts, claims Unlap. Students start off in class room lectures that introduce all of them to the tips regarding the research they’ll encounter. After that, the students get hands-on expertise in the laboratory.

The focus on finding and establishing medical study with feasible commercial programs may be the heart of the program.

Even in 1st stages associated with system, the pupils work on tasks that may affect future business development or existing start-ups in the region. One task was compiling a listing of organizations that would make good strategic partners for Blondin Bioscience. Produced from a UAB research breakthrough and housed in Birmingham’s Innovation Depot, Blondin develops revolutionary resources for cancer care, including laboratory-produced monoclonal antibodies and a blood test that can reveal the efficacy of remedies.

The suggestions from pupils’ analysis enable the company grow, states Blondin CEO Brad Spencer. As for the students, “the benefit is the fact that they learn by doing, while the organizations benefit since they have an item that they wouldn’t always have the deluxe to pay for, ” Nugent adds.

Another considerable current project had been the development of the BioAlabama report, all of the biotechnology organizations located in hawaii. The students started “with a list from about 2 yrs ago, ” states Rahman. “We needed to compile lists of organizations that dropped into various categories and update the details.”

But this project ended up beingn’t just for class credit. The Alabama Department of Commerce can use this information to recruit new lease of life technology organizations into location, states Nugent. “That’s a giant, significant contribution.”

Useful applications

Into the 3rd period of this biotechnology program, the students apply the knowledge they’ve attained by examining technologies created at UAB. “Students separate into groups and begin to maneuver those technologies ahead, ” claims Unlap. “We’re teaching all of them techniques to solve issues — to actually get a hold of potential medications, ” for instance.

“science for science’s benefit is cool, but technology that benefits humanity is much better. Humanity advantages if you have easy access towards molecule that delivers a therapy that customers weren’t capable of getting before. That’s exactly what UAB made a concerted energy to do, which’s exactly what this level is all about.”

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