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April 30, 2016
Pharmaceutical& Biotechnology

The phone call for Abstracts for Poster and rapid-fire Presentations is OPEN!

This 2 time workshop features presentations, case studies and interactive discussion on a few key areas to highlight the best possibilities and hurdles into the developing industry of commercial biotechnology the production of fuels and chemical compounds. Focus areas should include integrated stress and process design/development, techno-economic analysis, procedure scaling, and international perspectives. By bringing together frontrunners in business, academia, federal government, and financial investment to handle this prompt subject, the workshop will play a role in the continued growth and popularity of manufacturing biotechnology.

Organizing Committee

  • Brian Davison, Oak Ridge Nationwide Lab (Co-Chair)
  • Jeff Lievense, Genomatica (Co-Chair)
  • Michael Corbett, NNE Pharmaplan
  • Bob Kelly, New York State University
  • Vineet Rajgarhia, VP Biotech R&D, Total Brand New Energies
  • Kevin Sparks, Metabolix

Keynote Speakers

  • Doug Cameron, Very First Green Partners
  • Geoff Duyk, TPG Alternative & Renewable Technologies


  • Process Design
  • Techno-Economic Analysis
  • Instance Scientific Studies on Fuels and Chemical Substances
  • Process Scaling
  • Stress Developing
Emerging Opportunities in Biotechnology Panel Discussion
Emerging Opportunities in Biotechnology Panel Discussion ...
Opportunities in Biotechnology
Opportunities in Biotechnology
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CST, UP Biotechnology Business Opportunities in Utter ...
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