International Journal of Biotechnology

April 28, 2017
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Overseas Journal of Biotechnology & Biochemistry (IJBB)

Print ISSN 0973-2691

Online ISSN: 0974-4762


Hassan Moawad Abdel Al,

Professor of Microbiology
ex-President of Mubarak City for Scientific
Research and Technology Applications National Analysis Centrer,

Cairo, Egypt

Aims and range: The is a global study record, which publishes top-level work from every area related to Biotechnology & Biochemistry. It covers from molecular biology while the chemistry of biological process to aquatic and earth environmental aspects, and computational programs, policy and moral problems right pertaining to Biotechnology. Molecular biology, genetic manufacturing, microbial biotechnology, plant biotechnology, animal biotechnology, marine biotechnology, environmental biotechnology, biological processes, commercial programs, bioinformatics, Biochemistry associated with the living cell, Bioenergetics, Bioenergetics, Inorganic biochemistry, Innovation in biotechnology and bio-ethics, Biotechnology inside developed and developing world, control and business economics of biotechnology, Political and social problems as well as others are among the primary topics considered.

It is designed to disseminate understanding; provide a learned reference in the field; and establish stations of interaction between scholastic and analysis specialists, plan producers and executives in industry, commerce and financial investment institutions.

Submission: Authors with mention diary name (IJBB) in subject line.

Frequency: Six issues per year from 12 months 2010.

Yearly Subscription Price:

Library/ Institutional: Print : US$580.00 On The Web Only: US$560.00

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