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October 6, 2016
National Research Centre on

Student research is an important element of the Master of Biotechnology Program.

The Master of Biotechnology plan capitalizes on Northwestern University’s world-class analysis facilities by calling for its pupils to complete about 1, 000 hours of study in one single laboratory. This makes up more or less one-third associated with the curriculum. When pupils execute their particular projects, they could plan and execute experiments, evaluate ensuing information, and draw conclusions from their conclusions.

Students pick a project considering study presentations, and one-on-one meetings with professors preceptors. With more than 80 preceptors to choose from, we encourage MBP students to take time to find a research task that meets their interests, and a laboratory that meets their working design.

The MBP provides extra possibilities for research through a unique affiliation using the Robert H. Lurie Cancer Center.

Due to the restricted length of time of our system, we cannot offer turning analysis labs. Pupils commit to just one laboratory and operate in that lab before study requirement has-been pleased.

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