World Journal of Biotechnology

December 21, 2015
Annals of Rehabilitation

Publisher: Springer

Nation: Netherlands

Correspondence Address: Springer, 233 Spring St, New York, United States Of America, Ny, 10013

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Category: Ecological Sciences - Environmental Biotechnology

World Journal of Microbiology & Biotechnology posts independently refereed analysis papers quick communications technical communications and review articles on every aspect of used microbiology and biotechnology including virology. The Journal seeks to offer a discussion board for analysis work directed towards microbiological and biotechnological methods to worldwide problems such as for example farming and food products and environmental dilemmas including pollution waste management steel recovery bioleaching biological control agents etc. nevertheless it is recognized many global dilemmas as an example enhancing crop efficiency and community health do have more intense consequences inside developing globe than in other places. The Journal therefore aims to focus on the part of biotechnological advances for and through the establishing world whilst motivating contributions from all scientists who possess an interest in tackling these international issues. The editors in addition encourage contributions on facets of knowledge in microbiology and biotechnology and ask documents or reviews commenting regarding social issues attendant with biotechnological applications. The Journal also posts every so often unique analysis issues by which an interest of existing interest is reviewed detailed by several invited scientists typically in unique editionship of a key leader in the region.

Why Invest in Biotechnology?
Why Invest in Biotechnology?
Biotechnology: Why Uganda needs a bio-safety law
Biotechnology: Why Uganda needs a bio-safety law
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