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May 13, 2017
Ebola Drug Made From Tobacco

Just before publish your manuscript, please ensure that you have actually happy all formatting demands and now have all the required encouraging information as here. When you yourself have any questions towards submitting procedure or planning of one's manuscript, please contact

Manuscripts can't be posted to one or more log at a time and should not be submitted by any person besides one of many writers. The submitting writer takes obligation the distribution on the behalf of all writers. All writers must consent into the distribution.

1. Correctly format your manuscript

BMC Biotechnology publishes the following article types. Kindly go through the relevant article kind below for directions on how best to format your manuscript.


Figures needs to be published as split data rather than embedded within manuscript.


Smaller tables that are considered integral toward manuscript is pasted at the conclusion of the manuscript file in A4 portrait or landscape format. Bigger tables is uploaded independently as additional files.

Extra data

You may supply datasets, tables, films, or other information as extra data. These is posted combined with the article. Try not to consist of data particularly diligent permission forms, certificates of language editing, or revised variations of this primary manuscript document with tracked modifications.

The most file size for additional files is 20MB each, and data should be virus-scanned on submitting.

2. Prepare promoting information

Please make sure you possess after information readily available if your wanting to try to distribute your manuscript:

Author information

Full brands and mail details of all co-authors on the manuscript.

Resume cover letter

an employment cover letter that includes the following information, plus any additional information requested in instructions for your certain article type (see primary manuscript area above):

  • An explanation of the reason why your manuscript must be published in BMC Biotechnology
  • An explanation of every dilemmas concerning journal guidelines
  • a statement of any possible competing interests
  • Verification that all writers have authorized the manuscript for submission
  • If you are distributing a manuscript to a specific unique problem, please reference its specific title within addressing page

You'll recommend possible peer reviewers for your manuscript. If you want to do this, be sure to offer institutional email addresses in which possible, or information which can help the publisher to verify the identification of reviewer (as an example an ORCID or Scopus ID). Intentionally falsifying information, for example, suggesting reviewers with a false name or email, can lead to rejection of your manuscript and may even trigger further examination in line with our misconduct plan. See our editorial guidelines for help with recommending peer reviewers.

Excluding peer reviewers

During distribution you may enter details of whoever you would like not to ever review your manuscript.

Here information must be included under the Declarations part of your manuscript. You are inquired about these details during submission of one's manuscript.

Ethics approval and permission to engage

Manuscripts stating scientific studies concerning man members, individual information or personal muscle must consist of a statement on ethics endorsement and consent. Scientific studies concerning animals must consist of a statement on ethics approval.

Consent to create

All manuscripts containing any individual person’s information in every kind need permission to publish from see your face, or perhaps in the situation of children, their moms and dad or legal guardian.

Availability of information and materials

For several journals, you have to feature an 'Availability of data and products' section within the ‘Declarations’ of manuscript detailing where information promoting your conclusions are available. For many journals, deposition of one's data is required (see information on individual article types above). For journals where information deposition isn't required, BioMed Central strongly motivates all datasets which the conclusions for the manuscript rely be either deposited in publicly available repositories or provided in the primary paper or extra supporting data. If you fail to wish to share your computer data, please suggest that data won't be shared, and condition the reason why.

See our editorial guidelines and organizing your manuscript to learn more.

Contending interests

All economic and non-financial competing interests should be stated in this part. You will be inquired about this during distribution of your manuscript.


All sources of investment for the study reported should be announced.

Copyright laws and permit arrangement

During submission, you need to take and confirm listed here conditions of submission:

  • All authors associated with manuscript have actually read and consented to its content and tend to be accountable for all aspects of this precision and integrity of the manuscript relative to ICMJE requirements
  • The manuscript is initial, have not been posted in a record, and is perhaps not at this time into consideration by another journal
  • Which you agree to the terms of the BioMed Central Copyright and License contract and Open data policy, which we highly recommend you read. For writers who're prevented from becoming copyright laws holders (including in which Crown Copyright applies or scientists are US government staff members) BioMed Central can accommodate nonstandard copyright outlines. If this relates to you, please contact us and provide details of your situation
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