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October 4, 2015
Top scientists in biotech

Frederick SangerFrederick Sanger is an English biochemist whom twice got the Nobel Prize for Chemistry; in 1958 for their discovery associated with the framework of this insulin molecule, as well as in 1980 for their collaborative work on base sequences in nucleic acids with Paul Berg and Walter Gilbert. He's widely regarded as being the maximum & most influential biochemists in history.


Early Lifestyle and Education:

Created in 1918 in Rendcombe, England, Frederick Sanger’s parent had been a physician. He understood the significance of research and the medical method from an early age. He focused on biochemistry and physics initially, but had been later interested in the emerging area of biochemistry.

He got an undergraduate level and PhD in biochemistry from St John’s College, Cambridge, England.

Contributions and accomplishments:

After graduation, Frederick Sanger joined the Medical analysis Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology during the institution as a researcher. Sanger may be the fourth individual ever to be granted two Nobel Prizes. He received the 1958 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their groundbreaking study on protein structure.

Sanger had been awarded the Nobel reward in Chemistry once again in 1980, now revealing it with Paul Berg and Walter Gilbert for identifying the amino acid sequences of DNA information. His subsequent efforts constitute the fundamental hereditary axioms used by nearly every biotechnology application. He has gotten a great many other awards for their extraordinary focus on genetics and biotechnology.

Later On Life:

Sanger retired in 1983 to their house in Swaffham Bulbeck near Cambridge. He refused the knighthood as he failed to desired to be addressed as “Sir”. However, he accepted the award of O.M. (Order of Merit) in 1986.

Source: www.famousscientists.org
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