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September 15, 2014
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Here’s only a little test: when you study those two terms, ‘Industrial Biotechnology’, do they resonate absolutely, adversely, or neutrally? Do you hear all of them as an unfortunate combination of the conventional and clunky (the ‘industrial’ bit) along with those hints of high-tech and high-risk that are included with the biotech bit? Or does it put your pulse racing within prospect of a brand new way to obtain wealth creation that truly fulfills the process of sustainability at exactly the same time?

For all those internet marketers involved in the Industrial Biotechnology Leadership Forum, that is a proper worry. It’s task is to get governing bodies, investors and key stakeholders to feel as thinking about the possibility for IB as they by themselves do.

Forum for the Future became one particular key stakeholders. Back 2009, we were expected to operate a stakeholder workshop for a government-funded initiative studying the growth possibility IB businesses in the united kingdom. That has been chaired by Ian Shott (today Chair of the Industrial Biotechnology Leadership Forum), which provided Ministers with an extremely obvious steer.

Whenever Leadership Forum had been set-up, Ian requested me to set up a Stakeholder Council, concerning NGOs, retailers, the investigation Councils and so on.

Having started off as a little bit of a biotech agnostic, I also became a real enthusiast. The potential for less wasteful, so much more resource efficient, low-carbon development – in meals, pharma, fuels, plastic materials etc – is enormous.

And I also thought that all the greater amount of highly after the UK IB Showcase occasion on 22 January, organised by the Chemical industries’ Knowledge Transfer system on the part of the Leadership Forum. Some great speeches, an exhibition highlighting most of the innovative things already up and running when you look at the UK, and a proper feeling of function regarding seizing the ability for accelerated growth.

But you can find huge dangers aswell. The meals versus fuel discussion around first-generation biofuels can be alive and present as ever before. Worries about GM will never be far-away, together with developing curiosity about artificial biology will significantly raise the stakes in that respect.

What exactly the Leadership Forum asked me to do was to assemble dozens of dilemmas in a brand new report for non-specialist audiences – including anybody who might be scanning this blog!

Exactly what it all comes down to is making sure that Industrial Biotechnology should not you should be marketed, for persuasive economic factors, but done really well from a durability perspective. The Stakeholder Council grabbed that important inside after group of mandates:

1. Seek to attain considerable societal and environmental advantages, in addition to company benefits.

2. Help regulatory and governance structures that place general public interest on an equal ground with exclusive gain, and promote substantial engagement with stakeholders.

3. Prevent undesirable impacts on food security and affordability.

4. Safe demonstrable and considerable reductions in emissions of carbon dioxide.

5. Invest in manufacturing methods that optimise circumstances for biodiversity and healthy ecosystems.

6. Invest in manufacturing processes that maximise the value of feedstocks (eg closed-loop methods).

7. Put no additional burdens on availability of scarce liquid materials.

8. Avoid any threat of gene transfer in the great outdoors environment.

9. Pose no menace to man health.

10. Achieve the highest criteria of safe practices both for employees and surrounding communities.

It’s crucial to make sure that those in opportunities of influence make sure that a grows thereon type of basis. That would undoubtedly be distinguishing for the UK, in tremendously competitive worldwide sector.
You can observe the report,

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