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August 3, 2018
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We have been honoured to invite one personally into the International Conference on Latest Trends in Biotechnology and Biodiversity (ICBB-2015) which will be during August 24-26, 2015 at Dubai, UAE. Which we are sure leaves a lasting effect on us all, the ICBB-2015 summit is targeted on "Biotechnology and Biodiversity: analysis beyond imagination". ICBB-2015 meeting will be the perfect platform for scientists, scientists, professors, and pupils to change and discuss on their ideas in neuro-scientific Biotechnology and Biodiversity, ICBB-2015 is anticipating around 500 individuals around the world and three day summit will trigger Plenary sessions, Keynote speeches, Poster and Oral presentations.The primary motif of conference is "Biotechnology and Biodiversity: Research beyond imagination". Hope most of the 3 days presentations will leave an everlasting impression on all of us and advance the world of Biotechnology.

ICBB-2015 Organizing Committee

the reason why DISPLAY?

  • Fulfill new business with an event stand in the key networking area
  • Meet with the maximum few delegates through the occasion.
  • Ensure marketplace presence with a talking slot
  • Boost your profile and profile your corporate picture with logo design placement
  • Develop new client connections and affirm present ones
  • Your Product/Services gets good recognition and remuneration in the field
  • Recognition listing when you look at the last seminar system
  • Sponsor designation on conference batch/tags
  • Link through the Conference web site to your corporate web site
  • Brand announcing at opening and/or closing ceremonies
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