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May 23, 2018
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Multiple biotechnology innovations are patentable in brand new Zealand, including genetic sequences, antibodies, micro-organisms, and food products.

Genetic sequences

A new genetic series particularly a gene might be patentable. The series can be revealed in the requirements or in an appended sequence listing.

Pertaining to antibodies, where in actuality the applicant features created a new antibody in an unidentified industry, or a brand new antibody which binds a novel epitope, or a fresh antibody in a recognized industry, then their contribution might be patentable.


Micro-organisms is patentable. For a claim to a micro-organism as such, the micro-organism must certanly be both defined into the requirements and deposited at an International Depositary Authority (IDA) according to the principles associated with Budapest Treaty. WIPO publishes a guide to these principles. You need to include all appropriate info on the attributes of the micro-organism and IDA deposit information with your requirements. Like: the hereditary profile, real or biochemical attributes and deposit details (in other words. IDA name using the deposit number).

Inventions effective at defense as a plant variety correct can not be advertised - as an example, fungal lawn endospores. However, the choice and seed preparation methods might patentable if brand new strategies have-been devised.

Food products

Food product compositions, and types of manufacturing foods, may form patentable biotechnical innovations. For instance, an approach of processing cheese using a genetically customized rennet could possibly be claimed.

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