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May 5, 2018
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Is your UEFI BIOS secure?

Cybercriminals who wish to corrupt your BIOS (platform firmware) with harmful content can very quickly access the UEFI code because it is available source.

Consequently, safety organizations are increasingly combing for security defects that, if discovered, could harm your good reputation.

Have you any idea simple tips to precisely drive back?

  • Thunderstrike - injects malware into BIOS and replaces the RSA key to avoid future firmware changes.
  • LightEater - infects SMM with malware to steal passwords or intercept encrypted information.
  • UEFI Rootkit - inserts rule into BIOS that will inject destructive executable data from firmware into an NTFS file system.

That is this workshop for?

UEFI designers and system designers interested in reducing the risk of BIOS-level cyberattacks with business leading UEFI safety education.

Exactly what will you learn?

  • How-to protect the body from several types of attacks
  • Typical BIOS assault points
  • Profiles of some secret antagonists
  • Cryptographic crucial administration basics
  • How to build as protected a method as you are able to making use of Phoenix software and resources

“unfortuitously, a lot of organizations address firmware as 'out of sight, from mind'. They think that because they don't read about BIOS assaults in the hit frequently, your BIOS is not vulnerable—an presumption we know is untrue.”
– Sam Cornwell, MITRE Corporation, 2015


Sponsored by Phoenix Technologies

Dick Wilkins, Ph.D
  • Chairman UEFI Security Response Team.
  • Creator “UEFI Safe Boot in Modern Computer Protection Solutions”.
  • Chief Phoenix liaison with CERT, VERY FIRST, TCG, PCI-SIG, DMTF yet others.
  • Assoc. Professor of Computer Science - Thomas College.

Jim Mortensen

  • Over a decade of old-fashioned and UEFI BIOS knowledge.
  • Phoenix ‘point of contact’ for: CERT, MITRE, LegbaCore.
  • TCG Computer Client WG user.
  • UEFI Plugfest ‘Phoenix protection presentations’ co-author.

Jonathon White

  • 20 12 months expertise as a BIOS professional and supervisor.
  • Direct OEM manufacturing assistance and promising technologies.
  • A key point of contact for select security jobs.
  • Responsible for complete UEFI item lifecycle, from pre-sales to EOL.

Phoenix Training Courses are made to enable you to get services and products towards customers more proficiently. You learn the relevant skills and understanding needed seriously to come to be a specialist in creating and customizing Phoenix items. You are able to discover one-on-one with an engineer, tailored towards own speed and agenda. Or, you can easily attend our product-specific classes offered by neighborhood Phoenix workplace.

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