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August 6, 2018

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Array['und'][0]['title'] UNH Manchester announces brand new Biotechnology system.

Beginning in autumn 2015, UNH Manchester will begin supplying an innovative new Bachelor of Science degree program in biotechnology for undergraduates.

The biotechnology program at UNH Manchester will give you higher level molecular biology training that'll prepare pupils to go into the workforce and for entrance into graduate and expert programs. This program addresses an array of topics which are essential to a foundational biotechnology knowledge, allowing students to know about genetics, organic biochemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology and much more.

“The biotechnology system at UNH Manchester will target practical skills, ” stated Kyle MacLea, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences. “Students will customize their degree by selecting upper level classes in three areas; advanced biology, microbiology, and laboratory practices. They’ll also be because of the chance to have an enormous number of hands-on expertise in our brand new state-of-the-art labs in which they can learn cellular tradition, processes for learning nucleic acids and proteins, genomics and more – whatever’s in keeping use in real-world labs. No schools in the area have actually this degree of information with their biotechnology system, and we’re happy becoming the very first.”

Included in UNH Manchester’s dedication to the cutting-edge area of biotechnology, the institution doubled its laboratory space in a move to 88 Commercial Street in springtime 2015. The college now has actually seven laboratories: general biology, higher level biology, microbiology, basic chemistry, organic biochemistry, cell tradition, plus a microbiology analysis laboratory. Labs tend to be stocked utilizing the newest gear for biotech students to build up their practical abilities.

All students in UNH Manchester’s biotech program will finish an internship or a senior Capstone research project, allowing them to get real-world lab experience, develop marketable abilities such as for instance team-building and important thinking, and community with brand new England’s numerous biotechnology business experts.

The planned program sequence will leave pupils many area to just take elective programs of their choice to fine-tune their levels, which could lead to a minor if desired. Even programs that aren't when you look at the scientific realm are available to them, in subjects as diverse as company, education, therapy, communications, history, English, computer information methods, plus, to better customize the program for every single student. Pupils may also prefer to create self-designed separate research projects besides.

“Biotechnology is a rapidly developing industry with a projected work development of 10% from 2012-2022, ” said Patricia A. Halpin, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences.. “As the biotechnology industry keeps growing and evolve, we enjoy engaging our students in new opportunities to help expand modify their particular biotechnology level program and keep them up to date on the latest improvements. We want them to really have the abilities needed to be competitive within the ever evolving field of biotechnology and then make the most of definitely everything we must offer here at UNH Manchester.”

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