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April 19, 2017
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ROME, February 19, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi features affirmed that the Holy Father had been undoubtedly these are “condoms and contraceptives” whenever regarding journey right back from Mexico, Pope Francis stated couples could rightly “avoid pregnancy” into the wake of Zika virus scare.

Fr. Lombardi, “The contraceptive or condom, particularly cases of emergency or gravity, may be the item of discernment in a serious instance of conscience. This Is Exactly What the Pope said.”

According to Lombardi, the pope talked of “the potential for taking recourse to contraception or condoms in situations of emergency or special circumstances. He is not stating that this chance is acknowledged without discernment, undoubtedly, he said plainly that it can be considered in cases of special urgency.”

Lombardi reiterated the instance that Pope Francis manufactured from Pope Paul VI’s supposed “authorization for the use of the tablet the religious who have been at extremely serious risk” of rape. This, stated Lombardi, “makes us realize that it is really not that it was a normal scenario for which it was taken into account.”

Vatican spokesman: “The contraceptive or condom, particularly cases of crisis or gravity, may be the item of discernment in a critical instance of conscience. It’s This That the Pope said.”

From the jet Thursday, the pope ended up being asked by one reporter whether or not the Church can “take into account the concept of ‘the less of two evils?’” about the question of avoiding maternity to avoid transmission associated with the virus.

The pope opened his solution by categorically condemning abortion as a remedy to the Zika virus, but on the question of preventing maternity, he included: “We tend to be speaking with regards to the dispute involving the 5th and 6th commandment.”

"the fantastic Paul VI in an arduous circumstance in Africa permitted sisters to use contraception for cases of rape, ” he informed reporters.

"Avoiding pregnancy is certainly not a complete evil, " the pope added. "In A Few instances, as with this, like the one I mentioned of Blessed Paul VI, it absolutely was clear.”

The pope’s response, specifically the evident parallel he drew involving the case associated with the nuns’ using contraception as well as the instance for the Zika virus, has actually widely led to the interpretation that the pope had been approving employing contraception sometimes.

(Get a hold of the full transcript regarding the pope’s remarks from the airplane here.)

In his famous 1968 encyclical Humanae Vitae, Pope Paul VI reiterated the Church’s long-standing and definitive training that artificial contraception is "intrinsically wrong, " namely that it's constantly as well as in every example evil, because it contradicts the procreative function of intercourse.

Some ethical theologians said that non-abortifacient contraceptives might be utilized in situations of rape as a means of self-defense against an aggressor. This distinction wouldn't normally apply regarding voluntary intercourse between partners worried about Zika.

And referencing the Congo nuns, Lombardi pointed right now to Pope Benedict XVI’s responses on condoms in the 2010 book-length meeting The Light of the World. Therein, Lombardi said, Benedict “spoke about the utilization of condoms when it comes to chance of contagion by HELPS.”

When you look at the book, Pope Benedict informed reporter Peter Seewald that in some instances, including compared to a male prostitute, using a condom “can be a first part of the way of a moralization, an initial assumption of responsibility, on the way toward recovering a comprehension that maybe not all things are permitted and therefore one are unable to do whatever one wishes. However it is not really the best way to handle the evil of HIV disease. That May truly lie only in a humanization of sexuality.” Pope Benedict observed the opinions by stating that the Church “does perhaps not view it as a proper or moral option, but, in this or that case, there can be nevertheless within the intention of decreasing the risk of infection, an initial help a movement toward yet another means, a more human means, of living sex.”

The Vatican’s Congregation when it comes to Doctrine of Faith corrected popular news misinterpretations of these statements that falsely offered them as justifying contraception. In its statement, the CDF stated, “A number of erroneous interpretations have actually emerged” having “caused confusion regarding the place associated with Catholic Church regarding particular concerns of sexual morality.”

“The proven fact that anybody could deduce from words of Benedict XVI that it's in some way genuine, in a few situations, to make use of condoms in order to prevent an unwanted pregnancy is completely arbitrary and is certainly not justified either by their terms or perhaps in his thought, ” the declaration included.

The CDF declaration additionally dismissed the advice that use of a condom by HIV-infected prostitutes could represent a “lesser evil.” This explanation, it states, is erroneous since, “An action which is objectively evil, regardless if a lesser evil, can never be licitly willed.”

The CDF summarized the objective associated with pope’s opinions: “The Church shows that prostitution is immoral and should be shunned. However, those involved in prostitution that are HIV good and which seek to decrease the possibility of contagion by way of a condom are using the first faltering step in respecting living of another – regardless if the evil of prostitution remains throughout its gravity.”

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