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August 20, 2015
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Check out the sorts of tasks you could pursue in biotechnology, an interdisciplinary level that combines biology and engineering and technology. Understand the education requirements, task choices and wages to see should this be suitable profession road available. Schools supplying .

Biotechnology is an applied science that makes use of residing organisms to style and develop of good use services and products in different fields including medication, agriculture, power and manufacturing. Biotechnology majors choose careers from a range of different specialties and places. The next chart offers you a synopsis with this industry.

Biological Professional Biomedical Engineer
Degree Required Bachelor's degree
Knowledge Field of Study Biology Biomedical engineering
Secret Abilities Technical laboratory abilities, observational skills, documentation and interaction Advanced math, in a position to use clients/patients and design solutions
Job Development (2012-2022)* 10% 27%
Median Salary (2013)* $40, 710 $88, 670

Supply: *U.S. Bureau of Work Statistics

What Will We Discover If I Major in Biotechnology?

A Bachelor of Science level in Biotechnology addresses subjects eg molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, physics, genetics and mathematics. As a biotechnology significant, you may understand the many applications of biotechnology and find out fundamental laboratory practices and methodologies for biotechnology study. Additionally find out about the honest questions surrounding biotechnology programs.

Biotechnology is these types of a big area that you could choose to concentrate your training within one area, such as farming biotechnology, environmental biotechnology, biomedical engineering, pharmaceutical biotechnology or forensic biotechnology.

What sort of Profession Can I Have?

Biotechnology uses living organisms to create brand-new technologies or products. In accordance with the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute, we do not even know what these services of biotechnology can or are going to be. As a biotechnology researcher you can work with a laboratory developing brand new programs, particularly vaccines for new diseases, disease-resistant flowers or microbes that consume oil spills. If you want establishing artificial limbs and life-saving medical devices, you can are a biomedical professional.

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