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April 12, 2016
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10+ many years of research into genetically-modified plants, development and the international meals crisis

The STEPS biotechnology study archive is made from evidence-based analysis spanning a lot more than ten years. A few core projects, supported by DFID, the ESRC in addition to Rockefeller Foundation amongst others, provide the first step toward the archive. But there is however much else besides, with a few work extending to the early 1990s, and current work centering on contemporary experiences with GM plants around the globe.

The archive is organised into four themes:

Within each theme the archive is split into one general and many regional sections, addressing Africa, Asia, Asia and Latin America.

About the archive

Genetically-modified (GM) crops are sometimes trumpeted due to the fact treatment for the global food crisis, additionally the approach to transforming developing agriculture and decreasing impoverishment for millions. For other people they spell doom and tragedy, taking together unsatisfactory environmental and safety risks.

Exactly what may be the truth? In the last 10 years, GM plants – especially transgenic insect-resistant crop varieties – have now been used commonly by farmers in different areas of the establishing world. Exactly what has-been the affect farming production and poverty? Just what institutional, regulatory and broader policy dilemmas occur?

Our Biotechnology analysis Archive explores these issues by attracting on more than 10 years of analysis from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe plus highlighting unique research.

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