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October 15, 2016
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Green biotechnology could be the utilisation of some maxims that reduces or gets rid of the use or generation of hazardous substances within the design, manufacture and applicataion of value-added items. Green biotechnology has its own challenges for effective utilization of revolutionary technologies to perform pollution prevention that reduce and/or eliminate the consumption and/or generation of harmful waste materials throughout the whole production procedure. In this point of view, ever-increasing ecological awareness additionally the demand for sustainable technology have gained considerable consideration of existing academia and business to develop an eco-friendly handling styles. In labs around the world, you will find ... works beginning might give more people, with greater diet, less fertilizer, less irrigation, much less use of pesticides for the development of healthy and green globe.

We invite detectives to add analysis and original papers explaining current findings and future trends in the field of Biotechnology for a wholesome and green globe. All manuscripts needs to be written in order to be widely available (conceptually) to chemists and technologists.

Possible subjects consist of, but they are not limited to:

  • Green Biotechnology: usage of natural substrates to synthesise value-added items by micro-organisms, fungi, fungus or any other (micro)-organisms, utilization of enzymes as industrial catalysts, biopharmaceutics, and biofuels.
  • Biochemical Engineering: Engineering aspects of biological procedures from major material to item recovery; separation, purification, and packaging after fermentation and/or bioconversion.
  • Agricultural Biotechnology and used Microbiology: Crop enhancement, bioenergy, microbial biodegradation, food biotech, environmental biotech: bioremediation.

These are just a number of the main reasons why you should look at to publish your next report inside special issue of JRRAS: "existing Research and upcoming Trends in Biotechnology for an excellent and Green World"

Biotechnology College Jaipur, Biotechnology Research
Biotechnology College Jaipur, Biotechnology Research ...
Kristi Snell, VP Research and Biotechnology for Metabolix
Kristi Snell, VP Research and Biotechnology for Metabolix ...
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