New Biotechnology products

April 16, 2015
New Biotechnology Products

Oriol Cusola of the UPC's CELBIOTECH research group spraying the new compound on a cellulose-based product.

Credit: Image thanks to Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)

Oriol Cusola, a 29-year-old researcher from Lleida, features branded a fresh aqueous substance to functionalise or modify the properties of paper and just about every other cellulosic material. The ingredient utilizes all-natural enzymes rather than the old-fashioned substance reagents, is biodegradable, and requires no environmental impact. Most critical, its effortlessly applicable into the manufacturing procedure and requires no additional financial investment.

This major technological innovation will significantly facilitate the creation of brand new paper services and products with a high added value. To date, the business using the brand-new item is able to make waterproof paper in an alternative solution way utilizing biotechnology and without using the normal chemical compounds that impede recycling. By way of just one application, the latest product tends to make paper multifunctional or offers it a few properties, such as for instance being hydrophobic and anti-oxidant or acting as a barrier.

Waterproof paper without substance reagents

Though companies are keen to purchase biotechnology, the development of enzymatic treatments that modify report to produce new services from cellulose is complex and costly. To generate the enzymatic response, manufacturing needs to be ended at a particular phase into the commercial process. This new mixture branded by Cusola adheres into the area of the report and instantly modifies its properties. It could be used instantly within current production systems without preventing manufacturing line.

Cusola therefore the CELBIOTECH paper research number of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech (UPC) have done certain run making report hydrophobic and their brand new patented chemical permits report to-be waterproofed without needing conventional substance reagents. The team also have attempted cellulose-based textiles to check the potency of this new product. Among outcomes is the fact that they were able to make a child's bib waterproof on one side by spraying it with the item.

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