Production of biopesticides

January 26, 2018
1. Importance

The daisy plants of pyrethrum, Tanacetum cinerariifolium (previously types title: Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium), accumulate a team of potent insecticidal metabolites called pyrethrins. Pyrethrins are employed in lots of biopesticide sprays for farming and home use, fogging items against mosquitoes plus some animal services and products. They've been used as a secure home insecticide for over 100 years consequently they are even permitted in natural farming. Pyrethrins perform both as a potent insecticide and, at reduced levels, as an insect repellent. Even though market for pyrethrins has-been absorbed by artificial pyrethroids, discover still a solid and increasing global interest in normal pyrethrins whenever pesticide deposits are a problem.

The invention

Wageningen UR boffins have identified the genes encoding vital lacking enzymes in the biosynthetic path leading to chrysanthemic acid and pyrethrins. Thus the complete monoterpene part of this path is now able to in theory be completed in a microorganism. Particularly, the pathway from general precursor dimethylallyldiphosphate (DMAPP) to chrysanthemoyl-CoA was elucidated and two unique genetics were discovered. Thinking about the powerful insecticidal and insect repelling activity of pyrethrins and their reduced poisoning to humans, today's creation provides method for the inside vitro, or in vivo, or in planta creation of type I pyrethrins or intermediate compounds.


Development of genetically modified plants and/or microbial manufacturing platforms for contained, continuous and direct production of the potentially insecticidal pyrethrins or pyrethrin derivatives. Genetic markers when it comes to selection and recognition of pyrethrin making plants.


  • Provides unique use of biosynthesis genetics when it comes to production of chrysanthemic acid and pyrethrins
  • May streamline the production of safe, biological bio-insecticides
  • May develop the basis of a consistent, efficient manufacturing procedure
  • Manufacturing may be optimised and improved to save money
  • Support in marker assisted breeding for improved pyrethrin production in plants

Stage of development

Developing phase – laboratory tested. Fungus and plants were transformed using the genetics as well as successfully produced the mark compounds.

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Organic food production Input,Biopesticide,bacillus ...
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