Anthracene glycosides

September 20, 2018
Classes of Anthraquinones

From the leaf part of Pentas lanceolata beloinging toward faimily Rubiaceae. The leaves had been extracted because of the two different levels of 50 percent and 100per cent ethanol correspondingly. Two saponin glycosides 3-o-β-fucoryl-quiniovic acid (1) and Quermiside (2), one anthracene glycoside rubiadin-1-methyl-3-o- β –primeveroside (3) had been separated and identified from 50percent crude extract and where as, two alkaloids speciophylline (4) and pentacyclic indole alkaloid (5) were separated and identified through the 100percent crude herb. All these substances had been reported first time through the leaves of Pentas lanceolata. The dwelling of separated substances (1-5) ended up being realized on the basis of the spectral data (IR, 1H & 13C NMR and Mass).


Pentas lanceolata; Rubiaceae; saponin glycosides; anthracene glycoside; Alkaloid.


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