Cardiac glycosides Pharmacology

September 25, 2017

After the monographs by STRAUB (1924) and LENDLE (1935), this is actually the third contribution towards the "Pharmacology of Cardiac Glycosides" within the Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology, that has been created by ARTHUR HEFFTER and con­ tinued by WOLFGANG HEUBNER. Because of the need created by the amount of time that had elapsed since LENDLE'S work, the editorial board asked for the rapid ap­ pearance with this 56th amount, which represents present familiarity with the pharma­ cology and medical pharmacology of cardiac glycosides. To avoid any delay, numerous writers were asked to add because shorter contributions just take a shorter time to organize and are also consequently much more up-to-date. The drawback is some overlap between specific chapters could not be prevented, despite the editor's attempts. Overlapping can, however, in fact be of use, because differing views can be offered and relevant problems discussed from different viewpoints. This re­ thoughts the reader that scientific horizons in medication should usually be widened or revised. I wish to thank DR. ALANNA Fox and DR. K. ANANTHARAMAN with regards to their information in modification of certain chapters. I will be in addition grateful to Springer­ Verlag, and particularly to MR. WINSTANLEY and MR. EMERSON, for their contribu­ tion towards the completion with this volume through interpretation and corrections. In con­ clusion I wish to thank MRS. WALKER, MR. BISCHOFF, MRS. SEEKER, and MR. BERGSTEDT of Springer-Verlag for his or her helpful support.

Pharmacology Video - Anticoagulants, Cardiac Glycosides
Pharmacology Video - Anticoagulants, Cardiac Glycosides ...
Cardiac Glycosides
Cardiac Glycosides
Pharmacology for the Heart-Cardiac Glycosides Part 1
Pharmacology for the Heart-Cardiac Glycosides Part 1 ...
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