Glycosides Classification

July 28, 2018
Cardiac Glycosides:

Category of glycosides. Galactosides, fructosides, glucosides, cardiotonic. Origin.

The expression glycoside is common among these items in the beginning about the clear presence of the sugar glucose in their particles but also are known as based on the sugar bound as galactosides (of galactose), fructosides (of fructose) etc.

The classification with the aglycone fraction is extensive as a result of wide selection of these in general, nonetheless sometimes appear relevant as with the situation of cardiotonic.

Glycosides tend to be widely distributed through the entire plant kingdom and found in numerous fresh fruits, pigments of blossoms, seeds, bark and exudation of plants.

Glycosides of animal origin are uncommon.

The aglycone fractions are mostly cyclic or aromatic structures, additionally including steroid structures.

Some glucosides tend to be energetic poisons as cyanogenetic and cardiotonic that only should-be used under medical supervision.

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