List of Biotechnology Careers

May 19, 2015

Involves making a micro-organism with the capacity of producing desirable biochemicals not available via chemical synthesis.

Utilizes of Biotechnology

Usually brewing and dairy food, olives.

  • Health and veterinary fields.
  • Hereditary engineering - improved plants.
  • Health care services and products - antibiotics, vaccines, hormones - fermentation scientist.
  • Biochemical products - enzymes, vitamins, flavours, natural solvents.
  • Agricultural - nitrogen fixation, composting.
  • Material extraction - copper.
  • Sewage and waste therapy - pollutant degradation.
  • Energy business - creating methane gas from sewage and effluents.


  • Bioprocess technology and development
  • Fermentation Scientist
  • Hereditary manipulation and engineering
  • Protein engineering
  • Downstream processing
  • Cell Tradition

Multi disciplinary

  • microbiology is the primary control plus biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, immunology, biochemical and chemical manufacturing. Perhaps not a distinct control.
  • mainly postgraduate/PhD/postdoc. recruitment - little for first-degree folks.

Significant employers

There are about 450 biotech businesses in the united kingdom employing about 21, 000 workers. British Companies account fully for 35per cent of services and products (medicine development) in European countries & have actually 41% of brand new medication development in late stage medical trials

Biotechnology is a quickly growing industry with several universities performing study to the location then creating their very own businesses. An ageing staff implies that their particular could be skills shortages over the after that 10 years.

The recession has meant that some projects have been delayed. There is an agriculture out-of study at Pfizer and SKB towards smaller pharmaceutical and biotech organizations, as they can try this much more cheaply than in-house. A few of the smaller pharmaceutical companies and medical services organisations tend to be growing because larger businesses outsourcing in their mind and also brand new medicine discoveries.

Biotechnology Hyperlinks

  • The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council jobs Information and work in Biotechnology
  • Bioindustry Association directory of British Biotechnology firms plus pages
  • London Biotechnology system lists organizations by industry in London
  • BioHealthMatics great job vacancy web site covering Bioinformatics, Health Informatics, Health IT or wellness Tech, Biotechnology and Telemedicine work.

University of Kent MRes. and MSc Biotechnology Graduate Locations

Senior Connect Scientist (3 graduates) Pfizer Cancer Analysis UK PhD
Scientist Lilly UCL PhD Cell Biology
Developing Scientist DNA Res.Inovation Ltd Analysis Assistant
London Metropolitan Univ. Lab Technician
University of Kent PhD Biochemistry (7 grads) PhD Molecular drug
PhD Biosciences (2) Nottingham Univ. PhD Microbiology
University of Nottingham PhD Immunology
MPhil. Microbiology Manchester Univ. PhD Cellular Biology
University of Sheffield PhD Haemophilia Bristol PhD (2)
Guy's Hospital Research Technician/PhD Biotechnology Reading University PhD Biochemistry
Queen Mary & Westfield PhD Biomedical Research Imperial College PhD Molecular Biology
PhD Biology
PDF Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology An
PDF Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology An ...
Download Modern Biotechnology Connecting Innovations in
Download Modern Biotechnology Connecting Innovations in ...
Biotechnology by Amgen: Innovation
Biotechnology by Amgen: Innovation
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