Traditional Biotechnology examples

April 7, 2017
Fermentation : Traditional

Cheese and wine, produced by fermentation, are early samples of biotechnology.Early examples of biotechnology through the domestication of animals, growing of plants plus the utilization of microorganisms to produce cheese, yoghurt, breads, alcohol and wine.

Biotechnology is defined in the technology curriculum as “use of residing methods, organisms, or areas of organisms to manipulate normal processes so that you can develop products, systems, or environments to benefit people”.

Earliest examples of biotechnology

The initial illustration of biotechnology is the domestication of flowers and creatures. Domestication started over 10, 000 years back whenever our forefathers started maintaining flowers as a reliable supply of meals. Rice, barley and wheat were one of the primary domesticated plants. Wild animals were tamed to produce milk or animal meat or assistance with ploughing or guarding the farm. Your dog, sheep and goat are thought to be one of the primary pets that were domesticated.

Making new meals making use of biotechnology

Our very early forefathers utilized microorganisms which will make cheese, yoghurt and loaves of bread. In addition they made alcohol beverages like alcohol and wine. Each one of these meals and drinks manufactured by fermentation. During fermentation, microorganisms such as yeast, moulds or germs breakdown sugars in the lack of air. The products created from fermentation are used to make drink and food.

Fermentation ended up being probably discovered unintentionally, and our early ancestors performedn’t understand how it worked. Some communities believed fermentation ended up being magic or present from their particular god.

Louis PasteurLouis Pasteur very first described the systematic foundation for fermentation inside belated 1800s. Pasteur’s theory, labeled as the germ concept, revealed the existence of microorganisms and their particular effect on fermentation. Pasteur’s work provided birth to many branches of research.

Standard drugs

Some common drugs additionally utilized organisms or components of organisms. As an example, the ancient Egyptians utilized honey for breathing infections and as an ointment for wounds. Honey is an all natural antibiotic drug, therefore it could have avoided injuries from getting infected.

By about 600BC, the Chinese were using mouldy soybean curds to deal with boils. Similarly, Ukrainian peasants were utilizing mouldy cheese to take care of contaminated injuries. The moulds circulated natural antibiotics that killed germs and stopped the spread of infection. Despite these natural treatments, it absolutely wasn’t until 1928 that Alexander Fleming very first removed penicillin – initial antibiotic drug – from mould.

Samples of selective reproduction

Early pioneers of discerning reproduction mated organisms with desirable characteristics to enhance these characteristics in their offspring. They discovered that discerning reproduction could improve yields and output. Discerning reproduction pioneers were manipulating the hereditary makeup products of organisms, without realising it.

Corn is a dramatic illustration of a plant that has been enhanced by selective breeding in order to become a much better way to obtain meals. Early teosinte flowers (about 5000BC) had tiny cobs with few kernels, but by 1500AD, the corn cobs were over 5 times the size and packed filled with sweet, juicy kernels.

Puppy types are another example of discerning reproduction. There are many than 100 kinds of dog, all caused by selective reproduction. Dogs were bred for specific tasks and to improve faculties like size, shape, agility and color, causing types through the little Chihuahua to your Great Dane.

The breakthrough of genetics

A monk called Gregor Mendel identified genes because the device of inheritance in 1865. It took another 90 several years of research before researchers discovered that genes had been manufactured from DNA. This finding ended up being the start of modern-day biotechnology.

BioBytes: Biotechnology and Diagnostic Tools
BioBytes: Biotechnology and Diagnostic Tools
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Enzymes used in rDNA Technology or Recombinant DNA Technology
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