What is steviol glycosides?

October 22, 2015
Benefits and Dangers of Stevia

To enable stevia leaf extracts to be used in meals, these extracts must strictly stay glued to established specs of recognition and purity founded by nationwide and global food protection authorities. These specifications clearly outline the method and which food grade alcohols are a part of protection evaluations and accepted for use in the extraction of steviol glycosides.

Stevia extracts tend to be taken off the leaves for the stevia plant by old-fashioned water/alcohol extraction practices which do not alter the composition for the plant’s nice substances. The method involves steeping the dried leaves for the stevia plant in water, filtering and breaking up the fluid from the leaves and stems, and additional purifying the residual plant extract with either water or food class alcoholic beverages. Stevia extracts are the identical chemical outside the leaf because they are based in the leaf. The purpose of this procedure is to draw out and cleanse the all-natural substances (steviol glycosides) through the leaves of this plant. The end result is a white all-natural material containing at least 95 % steviol glycoside and is 200 to 300 times sweeter than table sugar.

Source: www.internationalsteviacouncil.org
Steviol molecular structure - Sweet Side of Chemistry
Steviol molecular structure - Sweet Side of Chemistry
What are Steviol Glycosides?
What are Steviol Glycosides?
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