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November 30, 2017
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Its simply health biotechnology. This one is placed on medical processes. A lot of them are down the page

  • Using organisms for the creation of medications or antibiotics
  • Using stem cells for harm muscle treatment or sometimes to develop entire organ because of the means of regeneration. This is referred as stem cell treatment
  • To build up brand new examinations to diagnose, to confirm or even anticipate specific conditions
  • Gene treatment

White (gray) Biotechnology

Its just business biotechnology. It's applied to commercial procedures. Organisms tend to be modified / created and employed for different reasons. Some of them are here.

  • Production of new chemicals
  • Creation of synthetic substitutes (biopolymers)
  • Improvement brand-new types of automobile fuels
  • Materials for clothes

Green Biotechnology

It may be introduced as Agriculture biotechnology. It really is applied to farming processes like production of pest, pest and infection resistant crop types (transgenic crop flowers), infection resistant creatures. More about the topic can be read at Agricultural Biotechnology.

Blue biotechnology

It offers procedures in aquatic environments, want to get a grip on undesirable development of noxious water-borne organisms, to safeguard aquatic people from some of the conditions by increasing their particular opposition to the respective illness. Application of blue biotechnology is reasonably rare.


Its an incredible union of computer system and biotechnology. Bioinformatics helps in quick company and evaluation of biological and hereditary data. It is applied in several places, like useful genomics, architectural genomics and proteomics, for various purposes like medication and molecular medication development, gene therapy, development of bio-weapons, improvement in crop flowers for health high quality, resistance to illness, pest, drought an such like.

Demo day by SCT Biotechnology Branch 2011 passouts
Demo day by SCT Biotechnology Branch 2011 passouts
The Three Branches of Biotechnology
The Three Branches of Biotechnology
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