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April 7, 2015
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newspaper-1173913-640x480Chile features this bad practice of becoming in development entirely for terrible reasons. Just take September 2015: an 8.4 earthquake hits the nation and is followed by around 1000 aftershocks. But among the photos of fallen houses and coastal damages plus the half-sad, half-numb resignation that continues them there is good news: the apparition of an innocuous and universal cancer medication, produced in Chile. This is the promise of Andes Biotechnologies, a Chilean biotech organization whose invention recently been cleared because of the FDA for clinical trials in the usa.

The Food And Drug Administration granted approval on September 13th the start of US-based medical studies on Andes Biotechnologies’ cancer medicine. The merchandise is tested in animal designs, particularly mice and monkeys, where therapy seems both universal and innocuous.

Seems too good to be real? Also not likely?

it is in fact even more so.

Based on a 2014 research posted because of the Tufts Center for the research of Drug Development, the average R&D cost of building a brand new medication is $1.4 billion. Even if this figure could be overinflated, as stated by The Economist, the minimal quantity is regarded as to be around half a billion. Not exactly what you could purchase a country where the complete investment, both public and personal, totals lower than 70 billion.

And yet, Andes not merely developed what might be popular within the struggle against cancer: it even was able to operate the complete development process in Chile in accordance with only Chilean investors.

You read that precisely. With only 31 folks within their staff these days, Andes Biotechnologies’ drug is the very first biomedical development that has been conceived, created and funded in Chile, whilst becoming cleared for medical trials in the usa. Nevertheless, when these trials abroad are going to begin, they'll be spearheaded by chilenos.

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