Current Biotechnology

January 29, 2018
Current Biotechnology

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Amount 5, 4 Problems, 2016

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Guest Editor(s): Helena Nevalainen Submit Abstract via EmailDownload InformationThe editorial staff and editor had been great to work alongside. They held united states current and well-informed about the status of our manuscript. The peer review process was done extremely effectively and effortlessly. The reviewers did a great job of pinpointing gaps and asking appropriate questions that improved the quality of the manuscript. We were happy with the quality of the reviews together with help associated with reviewers. The diary features posted general good/high quality papers and it is getting thought to be an impactful resource for systematic idea and effects. Based on our experience as contributors into journal while the quality of reports published inside log, i recommend to my peers they highly consider the diary due to their future magazines.

Dr. Milton Sommerfeld

UPSC General Studies:Food Security,Biotechnology-Learning
UPSC General Studies:Food Security,Biotechnology-Learning ...
UPSC, Basics of Food Security and Biotechnology - Learning
UPSC, Basics of Food Security and Biotechnology - Learning ...
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