Plant Biotechnology

May 16, 2015
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Flowers form the foundation of life because they convert sunlight into a limitless source of food and green recycleables. Flowers likewise have a stabilising result in (agro) ecosystems, a landscape purpose and ornamental worth. Basically, we cannot do without flowers. Modern molecular biology features opened a whole new number of practices and options to scientists doing work in different areas of the ancient plant sciences (e.g. plant physiology, plant reproduction, plant pathology). The combination among these disciplines types a challenging domain: Plant Biotechnology.

Right here there is the general programme overview for Plant Biotechnology plus detailed details about programs, theses and internships.

Within the programme Plant Biotechnology it is possible to select the following specialisations to meet up with your individual interests.

  • Functional Plant Genomics
  • Plants for Human and Animal Wellness
  • Molecular Plant Breeding and Pathology

Find out more exactly how the Master Plant Biotechnology relates to other programmes and why is the Master Plant Biotechnology at Wageningen University special.

Thinking about the programme Plant Biotechnology? Discover more about the particular entry requirements and application procedures.

Find out more regarding your profession viewpoint and possibilities after finishing the programme Plant Biotechnology.

I discover mechanisms flowers used to protect them selfs against pathogens fascinating.

The ultimate way to become familiar with a spot is through observing the individuals. Students share their particular experiences with you about Plant Biotechnology and pupil life in Wageningen.

I am very happy to study here. My prime activity of course is carrying out laboratory experiments.

Seeing Wageningen University is the greatest solution to meet students and experience student life. There are several activities your can attend: you can travel to an open time or be students for each day.

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