Use of Biotechnology in medicine

November 23, 2016
Human Growth Hormone[edit]

* 4. Cancer Spit Test

Forget biopsies—a device designed by scientists within University of California-Los Angeles detects dental disease from an individual drop of saliva. Proteins being involving cancer cells react with dyes in the sensor, emitting fluorescent light that can be recognized with a microscope. Engineer Chih-Ming Ho notes that the same concept might be placed on make saliva-based diagnostic tests for a lot of diseases.

6. Prosthetic Feedback

One challenge of prosthetic limbs is that they're difficult to monitor. "You and we sense where our limbs tend to be spatially and never have to have a look at them, whereas amputees don't, " states Stanford University graduate student Karlin Bark. Body is sensitive to being stretched—it can detect even little alterations in path and intensity—so Bark is establishing a computer device that extends an amputee's epidermis nearby the prosthesis in ways offering feedback towards limb's place and action.

7. Smart Contact

Glaucoma, the second-leading reason for blindness, develops when stress develops inside the attention and damages retinal cells. Contacts created within University of California-Davis contain conductive cables that continually monitor force and fluid movement within the eyes of at-risk individuals. The contacts after that relay information to a little unit worn by the patient; the product without any cables transmits it to a computer. This continual data circulation may help physicians better comprehend the factors behind the disease. Future contacts might also automatically dispense drugs as a result to force changes.

8. Speech Restorer

For people who have lost the ability to chat, a new "phonetic speech engine" from Illinois-based background Corporation provides an audible voice. Created along with Tx Instruments, the Audeo makes use of electrodes to identify neuronal indicators traveling through the mind into vocal cords. Customers imagine slowly sounding out words; then the quarter-size product (positioned in a neck brace) wirelessly transmits those impulses to some type of computer or mobile phone, which produces speech.

Biotechnology Meaning
Biotechnology Meaning
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