What is the study of Biotechnology?

February 27, 2016
Center for Biotechnology

Our programme provides a comprehensive grounding in another of biology’s fastest growing procedures, supported by world-class analysis services.

Overseas reputation

The institution of Biological Sciences is the UK’s largest college of biology and University can also be residence toward Roslin Institute, an internationally-renowned center for ground-breaking research in biological science.

An impressive selection of programs

With such a great deal of expertise, we're able to protect the subject’s complete scope - from molecular structure to synthetic and translational biology. Our interdisciplinary MSc is part of a portfolio of postgraduate programmes offering you an unparalleled selection of courses and options across each one of these places.

an emerging control

Using the world populace booming, therefore the subsequent demand for meals and fuel, intelligent farming and a cleaner, greener environment are just a few of the crucial worldwide challenges facing us these days.

Our MSc will provide you with the chance to boost your analysis abilities in making use of biological maxims and methods to create new items, services and sectors. We are going to also explore the commercial basis for present biotechnology frameworks and regions of future need.

Wide range of job prospects

Biotechnology encompasses the pharmaceutical industry, including innovations in medication and vaccine design and regenerative medication, along with the biofuels business and work in carbon sequestration and next-generation fuel production.

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Source: www.ed.ac.uk
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What Is Biotechnology?
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