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December 14, 2014
Planting of Bt crops globally

Nature Biotechnology is a global month-to-month diary, which is designed to provide a high-visibility forum for reports of exceptional medical quality and interest. Although it comes from similar writer as Nature it self, both journals are editorially independent. Much like the other Nature games, there is no external editorial board, and all sorts of editorial choices are the responsibility of full-time editorial staff. Extra information about Nature Biotechnology, including aims and range associated with log, are available here. For any questions about the log that are not dealt with here, we encourage referees to contact the editors.

Nature Biotechnology obtains a lot more submissions than it may publish each month. Consequently, we ask referees to keep in mind that every report which acknowledged means that another good report needs to be rejected. Is published in Nature Biotechnology, a paper should fulfill four basic requirements:

  • Provides powerful proof for the conclusions
  • Novel (we usually do not give consideration to abstracts and net preprints to compromise novelty)
  • Crucial that you researchers in particular field
  • Interesting to scientists in other aspects of biological, biomedical, agricultural or environmental sciences

Generally speaking, becoming acceptable, a report should express an advance in comprehension likely to affect thinking on the go. There must be some reasons why the task deserves the exposure of book in general Biotechnology as opposed to a high specialist journal.

All presented manuscripts tend to be read by the editorial staff. To truly save authors and referees time, only those reports that seem almost certainly to fulfill our editorial requirements are sent for formal analysis. Those documents evaluated by the editors to-be of insufficient general interest or elsewhere improper tend to be rejected immediately without exterior analysis (although these choices might be centered on casual guidance from experts in the area).

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India Biopesticides, Microbial, Botanical Bioinsecticides ...
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Books of Formulation of Microbial Biopesticides Beneficial ...
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Microbial Biopesticides
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