Controversial Biotechnology Topics

June 3, 2015
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The phrase “biotechnology” frequently conjures pictures of contemporary practices and subjects of conflict such cloning, stem mobile study, and genetically changed organisms. But the rehearse of manipulating organisms generate a product is definitely used by peoples societies.

Our Biotechnology Series is designed for twelfth grade and community college teachers into the areas of Biology, Environmental Science, personal Studies, and Agriculture. A particular effort is meant to construct tasks that support training in AP Biology, AP Environmental Science, and AP Human Geography. This module is made as a supplement towards the give attention to Risk curriculum.

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"Biotechnology does a great deal more for people than what is depicted in well-known criminal examination programs on television. Training biotechnology inside class room can be a great way to boost pupil desire for research and technology while on top of that showcasing how much biotechnology is a component of our each and every day resides. Biotechnology has been with us for quite some time, it is here to remain, along with the help of PLT you’ll enjoy teaching about this inside class room!"

- Cindy Ghent, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Towson University, Maryland


PLT’s product is comprised of four hands-on tasks, and a basic piece.

  • Introduction to Biotechnology
    Your message “biotechnology” generally conjures imag­es of modern practices and topics of debate, however, the prac­tice of manipulating organisms to generate a product is certainly used in individual societies. This basic piece for teachers describes the historic and existing utilizes of biotechnology.
  • Task 1: Biotechnology therefore
    In this activity, pupils will explore artificial choice, in addition to understand how advances in technology tend to be enabling progressively specific ways of genetic manipulation in organisms ( genetic engineering ). Pupils will explore the risks and advantages of hereditary engineering and problems that influence what we eat and put on.
  • Activity 2: Bioremediation
    In this activity, students will find out how lifestyle organisms have now been made use of traditionally to process materials or even to create specific items or results. Pupils also explore just how modern-day bioengineering practices are familiar with mimic all-natural procedures when it comes to cleanup of sewage, oil spills, and other ecological toxins.
  • Task 3: Biotechnology and Human Health
    Inside activity, pupils simulate the scatter of condition, learn about different types of vaccines in addition to controversies surrounding them, and explore exactly how genetically engineered flowers can be used to produce a class of delicious vaccines.
  • Activity 4: Woodland Biotechnology
    Within task, pupils will find out how conventional ways of artificial choice and modern ways of bioengineering have been used in an endeavor to boost the quality of woodlands products all over the world. Students will explore the risks and great things about genetically modifying woods.
Careers After Biological Sciences - Emma
Careers After Biological Sciences - Emma
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