What are the Applications of Biotechnology?

September 22, 2015
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The un (UN) Convention on Biological Diversity defines biotechnology as any technological application that uses biological methods, residing organisms or derivatives which will make or modify services and products or procedures for particular uses.

Biotechnology is a field of applied biology that involves the usage living organisms and bio-processes in manufacturing, technology, medication along with other industries requiring bio-products.

Biotechnology also utilises the products for manufacturing purposes.

The style encompasses many processes for modifying lifestyle organisms for peoples purposes.
Biotechnology may be used within the domestication of creatures, cultivation of flowers and for improvements to these tasks via breeding programmes that employ artificial selection and hybridisation.

Experts say that biotechnology features applications in four major places, which are health care, crop manufacturing and farming; industrial utilizes of crops also items (biodegradable plastic materials, vegetable oil and bio-fuels), and environment.

The experts note that one application of biotechnology entails the direct use of organisms inside make of natural basic products; while the other involves utilizing organisms to extract metals from their ores through an ongoing process known as bioleaching.

Biotechnology can be useful for recycling or dealing with waste, while it can similarly be applied for cleaning websites being polluted by commercial tasks (bio-remediation).

In the armed forces industry, biotechnology may also be used to create biological tools, which may have very lethal results.

Going through the basic towards details, experts insist that Nigeria need to provide concern focus on the introduction of science and technology in its attempts to realize significant development.

By way of example, Prof. Sam Ale, the Director-General of nationwide Mathematical Centre in Abuja, exhausted that some targets associated with the Vision 20:2020 programme regarding the authorities could simply be obtained if significant focus ended up being positioned on technology and technology.

Various other professionals, including Dr. Femi Adaralegbe, a chemical engineer, argued that Nigeria could just change into the 20 biggest economies on the planet by 2020 if concrete efforts had been made to develop the science and technology root of the national economic climate.

Much more particular terms, Prof. Bamidele Solomon, the Director-General of National Biotechnology Development department (NABDA), stressed that Nigeria ought to use the programs of biotechnology for development reasons if she undoubtedly desired to attain the objectives of Vision 20:2020.

He recalled that the government developed a biotechnology policy in 2001 to promote biotechnology activities in the united kingdom and use some great benefits of modern-day biotechnology applications.
Solomon described modern biotechnology as an advanced form of biotechnology from where Genetically changed Organisms (GMOs) and services and products were derived.

He noted that included in the Federal Government’s biotechnology plan, NABDA was set up in 2001, under the aegis for the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, to help strengthen the promotion of biotechnology tasks in Nigeria.

He said that NABDA had since already been leading efforts to domesticate modern-day biotechnology in Nigeria and use it to engender the production of improved crop varieties and animals in the united states.

Solomon stated the agency’s efforts had been targeted at empowering Nigeria to start benefiting from contemporary biotechnology applications like other nations such as for instance Burkina Faso, Southern Africa, Kenya, Asia and Brazil.
At a current workshop on bio-safety legislation in Abuja, the Minister of Environment, Mrs. Hadiza Mailafia, underscored the need to meet up with the meals demands regarding the increasing Nigerian population via the application of modern-day biotechnology, which entailed the utilization of (GMOs).

The minister, who was simply represented by Mr. Adedoyin Simon, the Deputy Director, Department of Forestry, stated your framework of bio-safety would be to protect the people’s health insurance and the united states’s environment when making use of GMOs.

Mailafia said that framework had gained from the input of technical stakeholders and from interior discussions within appropriate agencies.

She pledged the Federal Government’s ability to put in place lasting mechanisms and institutional structures for the effective utilization of the Bio-safety Framework (BF) in the united states.

She stressed that the bio-safety programme ended up being geared towards preventing large-scale loss of biological integrity, while centering on ecology and human wellness.

The minister noted the bio-safety framework that was developed in Nigeria covered the administration and legislation of modern biotechnology activities, including GMOs and their products or services.

Mailafia stated that framework in addition sought to facilitate the organization and development of a national ability to assess and handle prospective risks related to modern-day biotechnology programs and services and products.

She exhausted that modern-day biotechnology programs could address the difficulties in food production, hereditary improvement of plants and pets, plus health, environment and business.

She, none the less, asserted that Nigeria cannot afford to hesitate efforts to establish of a holistic bio-safety framework which may facilitate safe tasks in the nation’s biotechnology business.

Mailafia pledged the dedication of this environment ministry to ensuring compliance with nationwide and international criteria and laws in efforts to ensure a successful bio-safety project in the united kingdom.

“All bio-safety instances will probably be addressed consistent with our nationwide and intercontinental standards and regulations, ” she said.

She reiterated the determination of environment ministry to guarantee the utilisation of modern-day biotechnology via a safe approach.

Mr. Ademola Usman, the pinnacle of Bio-Safety device, Federal Ministry of Environment, none the less, said that every bio-safety attempts needed the active collaboration of some federal government agencies.

“For instance, the Nigeria Customs provider is anticipated to identify the actual Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), while NAFDAC is anticipated to ensure the safety of genetically changed items on people and pets.

Source: aatf-africa.org
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