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January 17, 2016
CTK Biotech Website

‘A lot of good feedback! Terrific brand recognition. We in addition had loads of people requesting free usage of the portal we’re marketing and advertising here today.’

Nathan Tinker, CEO, NYBIO

‘The correct men and women into the correct spot at the right time. Ny is regarding the brink of bursting and this may be the meeting that places most of the pieces together.’

Chris Seaton, Senior Vice President of Negotiations, Bayer

‘It ended up being a great meeting with outstanding schedule. And probably most importantly the attendee and presenter listing ended up being full of the sort of folks i must speak to, need certainly to meet and want to see.'

Yuval Cohen, Corbus

‘The star energy – with people like Jeremy Levin, Deerfield, Spark Therapeutics etc. ended up being a proper draw. The conversations I heard were really informative - I learned a number of new stuff. The networking opportunity was also truly above my expectations.'

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BioLabScope - A Biotech Website for High School Students!
BioLabScope - A Biotech Website for High School Students!
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