June 21, 2015
Group Biotechnology

BiotechnologyThese days, numerous biotechnology blogs focus on genomics (especially personal genomics) additionally the company side of biotech. The blog sites allow me to share generated by teachers, students along with lawyers and researchers. An added focus in these top 50 biotechnology blog sites is bioinformatics, represented both in in molecular biology as well as in databases, formulas, computational and statistical methods and concept.

Biotech Blog Sites

  1. American Biotechnologist: this web site was created as a location in which PIs, graduate students, professionals and science educators can interact, post and view articles and find appropriate subject matter.
  2. BiotechBlog: Dr. Yali Friedman is author of Building Biotechnology alongside publications and also may be the handling editor for the Journal of industrial Biotechnology.

Biopharmaceutical: Dr Brown is an author of 28 peer reviewed magazines in biomedical journals. His research is primarily in your community of genomics.

  • The Tree of lifetime: Jonathan A. Eisen is an evolutionary biologist, Open Access recommend, Professor at UC Davis and educational Editor in Chief of PLoS Biology.
  • Virtual Genome Project Blog: The VGP was founded as a reference for people contemplating the entire process of horizontal gene transfer (HGT) and its ecological and evolutionary significance.
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